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First Full Wolf Moon of 2021 in Leo 1/28/21: Strength & Fullest Self-Expression

Happy first full moon of 2021!

This full moon brings us collaborative and true individual strength. This full moon presents herself to us in Leo, which is represented by the lion 🦁. The lion's vast characteristics are loyalty, being protective, bravery, courageousness, they work well in groups and herds, and they are truth-bringers and fighters.

The full moon this month is square to mars. Mars energy brings fire, strength, and passion. Taurus energy also come in this month with even more courage, stubbornness, and a sense of getting your way and fighting for what is right to you.

You might be feeling fiesty, angry, irritated, anger, and triggered around this time. You are being invited to remain conscious of your triggers and OWN them. It might be a good time for you, if you feel held, to examine when you feel triggered or angry and where this anger or frustration may stem from. Think before reacting. Take a few steps back to breathe and THEN evaluate. Understand that if you are being triggered a little more than usually, and if have the space to notice your own triggers, that this might be your invitation to take this as a sign that you've been waiting for to take initiation and dig deeper.

Remember!!!: These two energies (Taurus and Mars) + Leo full moon = amplified 🔥 fire 🔥 energy!

The lion also symbolizes loyalty. You will feel a natural pull towards people you feel loyal to and people who are loyal to you. You are deserving of this loyalty and love, so please, my loves, BASK in it. Simultaneously, the truth will be revealing itself with those who are disloyal or dishonest to you; the same goes for those who you may may been dishonest with. Leo energy with the full moon's energy sheds a bright LIGHT on truth. Whose presence brings truth and light to your own life?

Speaking of truth...

Jupiter will align with the Sun at this time. This brings about energies of enhancement and increase. The energy of the sun is growth, willpower, abundance, manifestation, confidence, achievement, and happiness. This is a GREAT time to plant your seeds and ritualize. Do activities that raise your own vibration, which will in turn raise the vibration of the planet.

You might have some power play challenges arise in relationships of all kinds; committed romantic partnerships, friendships, work life, and dating life. When these challenges are brought to the forefront of our minds, we sometimes react out of fear by holding onto the Ego and protecting it. When we are triggered, it is to always easy to take the "higher and harder" road by not giving into jealousy, anger, or other Ego-based emotions and feelings.

What changes will you make this time when these situations are being brought to your awareness?

The lion is known for being an instinctual animal--it's how they survive. You will feel more in touch with your inner voice and intuition. I recommend taking time to listen to your body and your higher powers. For example; let's say you have this certain situation you continuously end up in, over and over again, you keep finding yourself in the same position. The inner voice that you have been ignoring or stifling or have just not been tuned into, will now be much louder, and WAY more difficult to ignore if you are not listening to it. Trust that we all have this voice, even if you are not so familiar with it. Pay attention to your thoughts and your gut reactions/bodily sensations when things come up for you when you are being called to make a decision. It's time to find this alignment once again with your instinctual nature that is so natural for you, because it is working FOR and WITH you and your greatest and highest good.

Venus and Pluto are also aligning. During this culmination time in the lunar cycle, the cosmic spotlight is shining on what has or has to worked for you. Put yourself out there, whether this is creative, professional, spiritual, or romantic energy. You are in cosmic alignment to be supported. You are being called to feel into your confidence that IS THERE, who you are, and what you have to offer this world. Our energy will be largely affected by Ego, which can be absolutely beautiful and human. Feel into your sweet heart space and ask, "what truly makes me feel passionate and fiery?" This magnified Egoic energy can inspire us to confidently speak up and allow our unfiltered passion to flow out into the world. Stand your ground and in your power, even if you are "wrong," knowing that there is still love for you there...regardless of your expectations. You are so so held in articulating your emotions and expressing yourself in this world.

On the other hand, too much Ego can come into play. We may end up disregarding those who were energetically invited to collaboratively play in our world, we may end up feeling like the most important person in the room. It is also easy to fall into the victim spot. Allow your heart chakra energy to pour over into yourself, and share it with others that may have been blocked out from being able to receive the beautiful love that you have to give.


-Set plans in motion, start or complete a project that you have been putting off

-Create a vision board

-List of things you desire to accomplish

-What are your steps to accomplish what you desire? Make a list of what you want to attract and achieve. Think about these things. Write about these topics. Read about them. Watch videos about them. Network. PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE! 💜 Immerse yourself with what you love.

-Don't be afraid to ask for help!

-Shadow work and self inquiry (journaling about what is triggering you, having deeper conversations with your loved ones regarding boundaries or what has been hurting you, revealing truths to yourself and others, therapy, reaching out to friends for support, somatic work, ecstatic dance, exploring healing modalities to get to the root of your blocks)

-Journal about your gut feelings/reactions/intuition and how you connect with that intuition

-Dream journal

-Take a bath to cleanse the energy field

-Rituals of releasing and letting go of what holds you back from doing what you love

-Heart chakra meditations

~ C h a k r a s A f f e c t e d:

-Solar plexus chakra, Manipura in Sanskrit

Color: Yellow

Physical focal point: stomach, upper abdominal area (beneath sternum and above naval

Associated with: confidence, self-esteem, courage, trust, "gut feelings," action, vitality, intention

Manifestations/locations where imbalance may be expressed/situations that can cause imbalance: Anxiety, acid reflux, fatigue/exhaustion, bad feelings "in the pit of your stomach," gall bladder issues, adrenal issues, feeling a need to control, abuse, irritable bowels

-Heart chakra, Anahata in Sanskrit

Color: Green

Physical focal point: Heart, lungs, hands, arms

Associated with: Love, compassion, giving and receiving, forgiveness

Manifestations/locations of imbalance/weakness: "Heartbreak,"asthma, pneumonia, (unresolved) grief, resentment, guilt, congestive heart failure, heart attacks, inability to empathize or sympathize

~ H e r b s & T e a s ~

Holy basil




Green tea

~ C r y s t a l s ~



Rose quartz

Green fluorite

Choose Love,

Ari @ Grounding Light xoxox



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