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New Moon in Leo and Lion’s Gate Portal 8/8/21 ~ Spiritual Upgrades in Consciousness

The New Moon brings a time of deeper rest, introspection, and new beginnings. Every 28 days, we are given the opportunity to consciously start fresh and get clear on our intentions for the following lunar cycle(s).

Characteristics of Leo energy:

Exciting, anticipatory, lively, caring, giving, sharing, confident, brave, courageous, bright, thoughtful, prideful, charismatic, creative.

The Lions gate is time during August that begins on 8/8 where the star Sirius (also known as the spiritual sun and the brightest star in the sky) appears on the horizon. This portal has roots to ancient Egypt, where the ancient Egyptians believed that seeing the star in the sky was a sign of new beginning and Egyptian new year, representing new phases of life. Sirius is brighter and bigger than the sun, and although its distance is quite far away from Earth, its energy can be felt and experienced when you tune into inner plane. This star is a transmitter of divine light codes and downloads of awakening that originate from the great sun. These downloads come through at their peak during august called the Lion's Gate because the sun is in the sign of Leo during this time.

This Lion's Gate portal results a thinning of the veil between physical and spiritual worlds. Not only will there be a remarkable download of energy that will raise your vibration and assist in a quantum leap forward and progression in your path, but the guidance from your ancestors, angels, Higher Power(s), and ascended masters will feel more accessible as it will be more easily experienced and received when you tune into this inner plane that is illuminated by the light of Sirius.

You are being called to take accountability for yourself and actions, realize your own creative and unique energy, and give yourself and your sweet energy to others.

Themes will revisit you, surrounding unexpected shifts in your path, big life changes, and rebellion. This may bring about some excitement, anxiety, anticipation, or unease; however, don't forget that these huge changes are occurring with your overall best interest in mind.

Prioritize rest. As the light wanes from the moon and refrains from reflecting light, give yourself also the right to rest, and only go inward if you feel so called and IF you have the energy. Try to give yourself some low maintenance self care, engage in a small nightly ritual before bed, and invite some peace into your life! Find ways to get back into alignment with your morals and higher intentions. This includes keeping promises within and to yourself. That is nobility, and it sends subconscious messages to your mind that you can trust yourself. This will build confidence and courage.

The soil is FERTILE!

Write your intentions out onto paper, create a vision board, and focus on aligning yourself energetically with what you would like to invite into your life. How can you bring your creativity to the people you love? How can you expand your energy so that it can reach others outside of your own community?

Journal prompts: If you had no fear of failure, what would you manifest in this present lifetime?

What do you TRULY love about yourself?

What are your goals during this upcoming lunar cycle? What will you do differently this time?

If you have Leo in your chart, look and see what themes are in that house and set intentions based around that. (Great tip from Alina Alive!)

Choose Love,

Ari xoxox

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