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My name is Ariana, or Ari (pronounced airy). I am 29 years of age, residing in Richmond, Virginia. I am originally from the Northern Virginia area, which is right outside of Washington, DC. I have a strong belief that we all are deserving of healing and support, and I am grateful you are taking the time to read this. I am here to support you in your journey of healing, while we heal together.

Associate's degree in Liberal Arts with a Psychology focus

Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with an Addiction studies concentration, and a Philosophy minor in May of 2019. at Virginia Commonwealth University

Former behavior therapist for children who have developmental delays and disabilities, as well as challenging behaviors

Currently: Certification for Substance Abuse Counseling.

Currently in progress: SNHU form master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Substance Use Counseling clinical internship 2021

Peer recovery internship with The Well 2019

Experience, Certifications, and Credentials:

Karuna Yoga’s 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2018

Usui Holy Fire II Reiki I and II training Emerald Healing Arts in 2018

Usui Holy Fire II Reiki III/Advanced Reiki Training and Holy Fire Master Teacher's certification in 2019

Karuna Reiki Master training with William Lee Rand in 2020

Shamanic Energy Medicine with the Four Winds Society current

Core Energetics with Next Generation Core somatic/body psychotherapy training 2021-2023t

Tantric Ayurveda at the Shakti School with Katie Silcox current

Intermountain Psychedelic Symposium and Zendo Psychedelic Peer Support Training 2020

Microdosing Movement Masterclass 2019/2020

Grieving and Dying Consciously w/ Four Winds in 2020

Breathwork Healer Facilitator Training 2021 w/ Danielle Hering and David Elliott

Crisis Text Line 2020

Transformational Life Coach Training 2020-current

Mediumship Mastermind 2022

Meditation and yoga classes at Electric Nomad Dance Studio

Yoga with a chiropractor, which was intertwined with guiding clients through functional movement and corrective exercises (SFMA)

Buddhist recovery group meetings, Refuge Recovery, at The Well on the VCU campus

Breathwork Alchemy at Electric Forest 2022

Breathwork Alchemy at Burning Man 2022

Seasonal Equinox and Solstice Portal events

Full and New Moon Circles, virtual and in person

Ecstatic Dance Facilitator training Umaya Love 2022

Awaken Your Magic Reiki Training and Embodiment Retreat at Anahata Intentional Community 2022

Cacao Ceremony + Breathwork + Sound Healing at Interfusion Festival 2023

Akhila Adventure Retreat in Roatan 2023

Atira Tan's Trauma-Informed Plant Facilitation Training 2023

Atira Tan's Trauma-Informed Working with Ayahuasca and Psilocybin Masterclass 2023

Where Can You Find Me?

Reiki and yoga at Well Into Life Massage and Bodywork

Virtual offerings (see "Book Online")

For group offerings, booking for private events or one-on-one sessions, please contact me directly

Taou Studio for Breath + Reiki + Sound monthly

Seasonal Equinox and Solstice Portal events

My Vision:

With my psychology and clinical counseling education, and my yoga, Reiki, breathwork, intuitive mediumship, and meditation experience, I wish to explore the world of psychedelic research in treating substance use, depression, anxiety, and PTSD/general trauma. I believe that forming a relationship with the body and utilizing movement to express emotion and memories that have lodged themselves inside the body, one can return to a state of embodied liberation, begin to remember how to access pleasure, awaken to their own psychic and intuitive gifts, and reignite their own inner flame. My goal is to combine yoga, body psychotherapy, breathwork, Tantric Ayurveda, Shamanic practices, transpersonal psychology, Reiki, and mindfulness-based techniques to cultivate a holistic approach to therapeutic healing. I am extremely passionate about the utilization of psychedelics and embodiment/movement to deepen the healing experience. I intend to open multiple integrative wellness centers and retreat centers offering these services, including clinical and medical care.


In my "free time" where I am not leading events or doing homework for grad school, I spend my time engaging in practices that promote embodiment and healing through nature and movement. I enjoy outdoor activities, ecstatic dance, travel, and sitting by the James River when the weather is warm. I share a love for cabaret, fusion, sword, and bellydance with my dance troupe local to the Richmond area called Laterna Dance Company. I also dance with a fire conclave called Exothermia that works for most of the year to prepare to perform at Burning Man. I have a love for all dance, with a background in modern, some ballet, gogo, pole acrobatics, and am always looking for opportunities to learn more about dance from all over the world.

I have a strong ambition in assisting others in recognizing and owning their own power to self-heal. I am very excited to help awaken you to the abundant and available resources that are available to you within yourself, as well as around you. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey while you manifest your own healing and strength, while finding peace and relaxation.

Chose Love,



Founder of Grounding Light

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