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What is Everyone Saying?

Emma T.

"I came to Ari in a time in my life where I was having extreme anxiety. Unable to function normally and feeling hopeless and running out of options. Now that I have added Reiki sessions with Ari to my weekly/biweekly self care routine my life has totally changed! I am so much more connected to self and the most grounded I have ever been in my life. Ari’s calm and comforting energy was just what I needed and what I continue to look forward to every session!"

Cat N.
"I experienced deep emotional release and healing during reiki sessions with Ari. I cry almost every time she works on me. Receiving reiki healing from her has been one of the most profound experiences of my life so far and I'm grateful every day that she chooses to share her gifts with me. I cannot recommend her services enough! Thank you so much for the work you do!!!"

Bambi L.


"Ari was amazing, left me feeling lighter and clear. I can’t wait to come back!"

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Sarah S.

Reiki Training

"Ariana is an amazing teacher-- extremely kind and thought provoking! I did my Holy Fire III Reiki Master/Teacher training with her, and she is very organized. Highly intuitive and brings other women together by holding an inviting and safe space."

Ben E.

"I did my very first Reiki session with Ari. I have always wanted to try this and she was someone I’ve been connected to in the past so it was very nice to have an intro to reiki from someone I know. This was a transformative and spiritually aligning experience. The studio was clean and the scents that were used were amazing! Highly recommend everyone to come try reiki here!"


Robyn A.

"It had been a minute since I participated in reiki, but Ari made me feel comfortable and at home. I left feeling refreshed, grounded, and ready to take on the world!"

Marble Surface

Cat N.
Reiki Trainings

 "Going through the Reiki Level 1 & 2 trainings with Ari was such an incredible experience! I can't even fully put it into words, knowing that I won't do it justice. But after receiving the training, I feel viscerally different. I had some deep wounds that were exposed and healed. I will never forget that experience. I'm so grateful for her help every day. Thank you Ari!!!"


Sarah S.
Distance Reiki

"Ariana is the least judgmental person there is. She will always hold such a safe space for your vulnerability! She will help guide you through blockages and give you the clarity you need. She is very compassionate and always deliverers channeled messages accurately and kindly."

Concrete Wall

Charles A.

"This was my first time doing yoga. I decided to do it due to lower back pain. She was very professional and gave confidence in stretches I didn't think I could do normally. I have not felt peace like this in a while. I would definitely recommend this service. One experience that I'll never forget. I do the stretches I learn from that time still today."

Heather W.


"Ari offers her services with a high level of professionalism paired with a grounded, caring essence that helps to put you at ease. She’s sincere in her delivery and was ready to answer any question or concern with thoughtful consideration. Grateful to have received a session from her!"



"This was my first time ever getting any reiki services done and it was the most grounding and reviving experience of my life! She was super organized and very educated."

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