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4/25/21 Full Pink Supermoon in Scorpio & Beltane: Shadow Work, Intuition, & Grounding your Emotions

Hello, friends. Say hello to the first super moon of the year! The fact that this moon is a super moon amplified the impact that that this culmination will have on us. A super moon occurs when the moon is much closer to the earth, more so than usual. This is what causes it to appear larger and brighter. Due to the moon being much closer to the earth at this time, the effects that a typical full moon would energetically have on our lives is greatly increased.

The full moon is viewed as a halfway point in lunar cycle, as the light builds in sky. This moon energy builds on impetus of projects we began on the new moon, beginning of year, or in our lives. The full moon acts as a cosmic spotlight. We release what no longer serves us and shift our awareness to what has been brought to fruition in our lives.

The polarity of the sun and moon's placement during this time brings about questions, themes, and lessons to ponder. We are being called to ground and balance our sensory experiences while also exploring the complexity of our emotions. We will learn that our emotional experience is not so black and white, as some of us may have been convinced to believe. This multidimensional experience opens us up to very deep transformation.

This full moon falls in the water sign of Scorpio AND the Moon is ruled by the water element. This full moon will bring heavy awareness to our emotions; we may feel more in tune with them and/or may be experiencing a heightened state of intense emotions. Water is the emotion and intuition element, so we might experience being more easily affected by experiences going in the world, our lives, or the lives of our loved ones. We may experience conflicting emotions that might be hindering our ability to embody pleasure in various areas of our lives. The sun is currently in the sign of earthy Taurus, as we are reminded to feel our roots sink deep down into the earth. We may feel a deep connection to nature and the great outdoors, our sensory perception, and our body and spirit's deeper intuition.

With that, how can we TRANSMUTE these emotions into love and learning? How can you make more room for your intuitive messages that your body is constantly receiving to not only come through, but to truly be able to listen to what they have to say?

Which emotions might you be holding onto in your body, and how might you allow yourself to release them? What does emotional hygiene and protection mean for you, and how can you integrate more of this in your life? How can you allow room for your mind to wander more? How can you give yourself time to experience more pleasure? If you feel called to, I invite you to ask more "why's." Why am I experiencing X, why am I feeling X, etc. Diving into the root cause of any persistent issues can be helpful, as long as you are also aware of your external resources if you need help or support. Where are your emotions stemming from? As you ask these questions, meditate on your answers, and you will learn to fine tune your own intuitive abilities.

You might experience difficulty in sleep, restlessness at night, and vivid dreams. If you feel called, keep a dream journal to reflect on messages you have received through the dream world. Explore ways to deepen your REM sleep (eye mask, meditation before bed, blue-light-blocking glasses to use before bed).

~ C r y s t a l s ~



Black Obsidian


Clear quartz


Black tourmaline

Tiger's eye

~ H e r b s , O i l s , T e a s




~ C h a k r a s a f f e c t e d ~

-Solar plexus chakra, Manipura in Sanskrit

Color: Yellow

Physical focal point: stomach, upper abdominal area (beneath sternum and above naval

Associated with: confidence, self-esteem, courage, trust, "gut feelings," action, vitality, intention

Manifestations/locations where imbalance may be expressed/situations that can cause imbalance: Anxiety, acid reflux, fatigue/exhaustion, bad feelings "in the pit of your stomach," gall bladder issues, adrenal issues, feeling a need to control, abuse, irritable bowels

-Sacral chakra, Svadhisthana in Sanskrit

Color: Orange

Physical focal point: Lower abdomen just beneath the navel

Associated with: relationships, sexuality, creativity, power

Manifestations/locations where imbalance may be expressed/situations that can cause imbalance: Low back, lower abdomen, disorders of the sexual organs, urinary problems, menstrual issues, sexual repression, rape, shame, guilt

Choose Love,

Ari @ Grounding Light


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