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2/27/21: February Virgo Full Moon ~ Grounding & Romance

This full moon falls in the sign of reliable and organized Virgo, as we step into the watery Pisces season...the season of emotional flow.

Venus goes into Pisces, moving from the somewhat distant sign of Aquarius and into emotional Pisces. Venus represents our adoration and aesthetics.

The full moon is viewed as a halfway point in lunar cycle, as the light builds in sky. This moon energy builds on impetus of projects we began on the new moon, beginning of year, or in our lives.

This full moon in the earth sign of Virgo will bring us grounding energy, which is a relief as we come out of the airy sign of Aquarius and into Pisces, where we are more connected emotionally. This grounding will allow you to release and help you become more clear on things that have to do with establishing order, balance in your home life, and finding balance in general. As of February 20, we left the Aquarius mercury retrograde; the first retrograde of the three retrogrades in 2021, which will all be in air signs. However, we are still in the Rx shadow period, but we will find clarity and grounding.

We are being called to get more clear and specific about striking a balance between work and school, and our mental and spiritual health. This grounding full moon in Virgo squares off with the sun, which is in the sign of Pisces. Situations will bring more clarity into how you balance your life, and shine a light on what methods have not been working for you. As we find structure in our work flow, our homes, and relationships, we are also being called by Pisces to see how we can balance the organization by holding space for our emotions and our presence in the moment. How can we call in more LOVING ORDER into our lives?

The Age of Aquarius brings us community collaboration and the exchange of information. We truly are entering.a period of change and sharing, which will only happen through teamwork.

Another beautiful side of this full moon is that as we leave the sign of Aquarius, Pisces invites a deeper connection and understanding in romance. You may absolutely experience a shift in your relationships. This can go one of two ways. Your hopeless romantic will reveal itself, OR you may experience some anger and frustration, joined by loneliness. However, these powerful emotions will be strong catalysts to dive deeper add get to the bottom of it all. No matter what comes up for you, find ways to have fun. Avoid gripping onto your emotions without letting them out; this will lead to conflict. Allow yourself safe spaces to unleash these words and tears.

We are blessed that this grounding Virgo energy will be helping us to balance the full moon energy out. Create your own sacred spaces and sanctuary where you can connect to your higher self and your guides. Where do you go in your home/in general when everything goes haywire? If you do not have a solid answer to this question, now is the most perfect time to cultivate that for yourself. You deserve it.

It is recommended that when we leave retrograde, you've entered a wonderful time to catch up with new partnerships and business deals. It is recommended to go ahead and launch those now if you are feeling ready. Your schedule will feel more organized to give yourself the green light and take on new tasks, with this grounding energy.

As this gull moon in Virgo opposes the sun in Pisces, we are called to understand that it's possible to be goal oriented and organized and make space for our emotions mental health and spiritual health. We can 100% balance the divine masculine with the divine feminine. How can we improve our organization skills while still maintaining that flow and balance?

Journal activity: What would it looks like to do these things be organized in a way that im aligning with my goals and holding space for my mental health and higher Self? DO I hold space for myself? Where do I allow myself to go (actual location, headspace, etc.)? Do I have boundaries with my technology? How do I get grounded and present in this moment?

~ C h a k r a s a f f e c t e d ~

Heart chakra, Anahata in Sanskrit

Color: Green

Physical focal point: Heart, lungs, hands, arms

Associated with: Love, compassion, giving and receiving, forgiveness

Manifestations/locations of imbalance/weakness: "Heartbreak,"asthma, pneumonia, (unresolved) grief, resentment, guilt, congestive heart failure, heart attacks, inability to empathize or sympathize

-Throat chakra, Vishudda in Sanskrit

Color: Blue

Physical focal point: Throat, thyroid, mouth

Associated with: Self-expression, choice, communication, creativity

Manifestations/locations of imbalance/weakness: Temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), sore throat, gums and teeth, having judgment towards others or oneself, being very critical of others, addiction, thyroid issues, swollen glands

~ H e r b s , O i l s , T e a s ~


White sage






Lemon water


~ C r y s t a l s ~

Clear quartz

Rose quartz


Moss agate

Green fluorite

Lapis lazuli

Choose Love,

Ari @ Grounding Light




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