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Clear Vision.

What if, through disaster and crisis and suffering and loss and grief and death, there was some kind awakening beyond what we could comprehend in the moment? What if you were being tested to surrender...and find some peace beyond the storm, making you even more resilient and stronger, more compassionate, and more ALIVE than ever before? What if your heart was being torn wide open in ways you thought you would never increase vulnerability and empathy within yourself, not just for you...but for all living beings aside of you? To be given the choice, to make a decision that affected not only you, but especially others around you. A decision larger than you. What if You were called to do NO-thing. to make potentially challenging decisions; like sit in solitude (not isolation), stillness (not boredom), quietness (not awkward silence). To act beyond the needs and suffering of your own, and be with the discomfort of wherever you are. To work through that. To feel it. To own it. To be with that. And just be there. But, What if, after the tears stopped and the chains broke free, you found actual. True. Peace. Only to come back together united, in peace. An empathy you’ve never truly deeply understood before. What if that’s what this is? May this equinox bring you clarity. ✨



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