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9/2/2020: Full Moon in Pisces ~ Gentle Flow States, Dreams, & Heightened Intuition

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The Pisces Zodiac is the fish. The fish is associated with lunar energy, which corresponds with feminine forces. Feminine energy embodies FLOW states, not resisting, being present, and being receptive to love and messages of love.

This time brings amplified intuition. You are being called to pay closer attention to your surroundings and what's happening around you and in your environment. You will likely experience more energy in the higher chakras and headspace, as well as more of a flow of emotions. You might experience a release of tight, harsh, and intense energies in the physical and energy bodies, which could lead to a flow of tears followed by healing and progress in your journey. This Pisces energy is much more gentle than the most previous zodiac seasons we have experienced.

It is also very possible that you will find lots of synchronicity in your life. You might tune in to notice a repetition of numbers, colors, symbols, names, emotions, etc. I would highly advise looking into these divine messages, even if it might be uncomfortable (only if you ensure that you have the tools and a safe space to be held in while you explore these messages). Trying to understand these messages may provide you with clarity and more information.

Dreams are another special way in which our spirit guides and ancestors, deities you might work with, God, the Universe, or the subconscious self will all speak to you. Pisces is a very ruminative and dreamy sign, so I highly recommend implementing a system where you can journal about and record your dreams. Keeping a notebook or journal next to your bedside is a good way of implementing dream journaling. You can purchase books or use the internet to decode these messages, but I strongly recommend using your own intuition to decode your dreams first and THEN seeing what might resonate with you after doing some research via books or the interwebs.

Time may feel like it is escaping you, and it might be! This does not have to be a negative feeling of lost time, though. This means you are truly living in the moment. Embrace the ability to live in the moment.

You may very well find yourself zoning out or daydreaming. Don't try to stop yourself. If you are feeling this way, that just means that you are connected and aligned with the lunar energy 🌝. Listen to your body and heart if you need to REfind an outlet for your creativity and dreams. This can be literal dreams or desires regarding what you truly want in life. Maybe you decide to make a vision board or map out your next few weeks or years to work closer towards making your dreams come true. Or, that might even be too much work for you at the moment. Maybe you are simply daydreaming about these wonderful things! This, in itself, is a strong form of manifestation.

If you so desire, meditate with the genuine intention of doing LESS. Do NOthing. Be okay with finding stillness; your body and mind deserve it. This can be triggering for those who are always go, go, going. Be patient with yourself if it takes time. Seated meditation is a great way of tuning into the headspace and dreamy higher chakra energy while also GROUNDING yourself (lower chakra energy).

Another way for some people to access this meditation is cleaning, working on a project, surrounding yourself with healing sounds or music, reading, improvisational dancing, or even taking a nature walk. You are accessing flow states while doing these activities. Lose yourself in the moment.

The root and third eye chakras will be the most affected during this time. We especially need to be paying attention to our grounding, which will be thrown off if we spend a little extra time in dreamland. All activities that have been mentioned are going to serve the balancing of these two chakras. Meditate outdoors if possible. You can even meditate with nature sounds playing through your phone or laptop. Work with water. If these are available to you, take baths, drink plenty of water (always!), go swimming, spend time by the river, or hike to a waterfall.

Herbs, teas, oils:





-Holy Basil

-Valerian root



-Clear quartz

-Red carnelian






Have a blessed full moon! Remember; the full moon energy lasts for about three days after the date of the full moon, so you can take part in any ritual or special meditation within that time frame, and still be able to anchor this energy. ✨





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