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6/5/2020 Lunar Eclipse & Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius ~ Forward Movement and Change

Sagittarius energy is very adventurous, spontaneous, adventurous, fiery, and unapologetically independent and free. Whether you have any sagittarius energy in your chart or not, this full moon and eclipse will awaken and heighten these aspects of ourselves.

Right now, the world is experiencing collective awakening and a NEED for change. You may be driven to tackle something, start a project and complete it, or take control of a situation that needs to be handled. You are feeling the urge to resist procrastination. You know that things need to change...things that you were not ready to change or take control of before, but you're ready now. Integrate this new knowledge, or awaken the dormant knowledge has been stifled for long enough. On a widespread global level, you might feel a responsibility to do your research, take action, donate to causes, protest, share information, educate your community, raise your voice, and hold space for others who need to be heard. This will look different for everyone. Be where you are, but open your heart and your ears with love.

Dive in.

With this, you are feeling passionate energy to move forward. You are ready to step outside of familiar comfort, and you are ready to make bold changes in your life. Trust your gut.

With this full moon in Sagittarius is a lunar eclipse. Venus is square mars and neptune. Venus is correlated to love, allure, and beauty. Mars energy is fiery, fiesty, and dominating. This Mars energy may come with some high and heated emotions. You may feel uncomfortable, angry, intensity. However, you will also be more likely to speak your mind. The global collective has had enough silence, leading to worldwide unrest and lack of peace. Bring your awareness to these lower vibration emotions, because they mean something.

Neptune is similar, but more spiritual, of the mind, and related to your dream world. Whatever messages you are receiving in your dreams, I recommend looking into. Suppressed thoughts and memories may come up to the surface. Now is the time to recognize, process, explore, clear it out, and let it go. With emotions and thoughts that have been shoved down for so long comes with festered, stagnant, angry, and harsh energy. Neptune convinces us to release our attachment to these lower emotions in healthy ways, if they are no longer serving us. If these emotions fuel activism, by all means, use activism to fuel your spiritual connection to these emotions to serve the healing of the collective consciousness. You might be holding onto things that are toxic in your relationships to others, your community, loved ones, money, career, education, and job life. Now is a time of cleaning out the corners of your heart and your mind. Stagnancy has the tendency to drain our energy and our self-worth. You define your worth; the reality that you create will reflect your self-worth. Your self-worth is reflected on your views of the world and others. You are being invited to assess and evaluate where you might be with your self-worth, and where this might be mirroring in the external world.

Reclaim your power. Go after what you believe in an honest and healthy way, even if you shake. When your body shakes, you are releasing. Everything is laid out in front of you. You know what to do.

How can you prioritize helping yourself before helping the world? Who do you want to show up as in this lifetime? Take some down time to bring yourself back to your vision of yourself, your intentions, and your goals, ensuring not to neglect the Self. With the intensity of this full moon and eclipse energy, I invite you to slow down when you can. Be gentle with yourself. Take breaks. Take deep breaths. Stretch. Breathe. Fill up your cup, so that you can then give from an overflowing cup.

This full moon energy is affecting, once again, the root and sacral chakras. The sacral chakra is just below the navel. The color of the sacral chakra is orange, so surround yourself with warm orange hues. You may find growth or difficulties within sensuality, creativity, sexuality, shame, guilt, relationships, friendships, money and finances, self-esteem, and codependency. This may come with sciatica, reproductive issues, pelvic pain, bladder or kidney issues, fibroids, or low back pain. The root chakra is at the base of our spine where the tailbone is located, but is also correlated with the rest of our lower body. Our root's base color is red. The root governs our sense of security, safety, belonging, survival, and grounding. We may feel unstable, as society's patterns are shifting.

Recommended crystals to use for calming, cultivating love, grounding, safety, balance, creativity, and security this month:



-Tiger's eye


-Rose quartz

-Fire agate







Herbs and teas:

-Valerian root or other calming dreaming herbs before bed




-Ginkgo biloba

Explore your internal world, and evaluate how this exploration can have huge impacts on the external world. Take loving care of yourself in the process.





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