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5/7/2020 Super Full Flower Moon in Scorpio ~ Reconnection with your Higher Self

"I believe in intuitions and inspirations. I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am."

-Albert Einstein

You might be feeling that you are at some kind of fork in the road right now. You have choices available to you, but you aren't exactly sure which ones actually feel right, because you are worried about being right. However deep down, you know that your entire journey has led up to the here and now. You have the choice between the ego-path that you are familiar with, the one that feels comfortable...or you can take the heart-centered path; the path less known, the unfamiliar and scary one, the one that you know is going to lead you to the reality that you desire.

We welcome our Scorpio full flower moon. Scorpio is the ruler of birth and death. This flower moon arrives to reassure us that the harsh frost of winter has ended and prepared us for the season of planting seeds--literally and figuratively. This Wesak moon is celebrated all over in honor of Buddha's attainment of Nirvana. As we allow a death and passing of old identities, old thoughts, and old patterns, we allow room for new seeds and intentions to be sown into our now fertile grounds. Immediately following death of old patterns, we will be finding rebirth into new states of consciousness and new perspective. The concept of this full moon is based around the idea of "no mud, no lotus." Our pain, our illusioned suffering, and our troubled past have all taught us how to be presently here in this moment. Neptune is in Pisces at the moment, which reminds us of creatively tapping into our imagination to walk us through the death and rebirth of our culture as we know it. This position of Neptune also cracks us open to embodying more compassion for ourselves and others alike.

You might experience heightened psychic abilities (everyone has psychic abilities; it just takes reinforcement of these pathways to tap in more deeply). You may feel that you are receiving messages that feel more clear right now. Along with this, dreams will be more vivid and potentially lucid. Listen to these messages and pay attention to these symbols. Do not doubt your intuition; it is more powerful than you know. ♥️

Disillusionment is taking place at this time; we might feel tired, depressed, anxious groggy, heavy. This is our body's way of letting us know that we are longing for a reconnection to the Higher Self. By having these heavy feelings, we are being given an opportunity to listen to our bodies' needs for change. We are being sent messages that we have the opportunity to heed. The old paradigm is no longer working for us. You have the option to make the conscious choice to reconnect to your Higher Self. That said, there is no guarantee that this will be easy. Sometimes, even the motivation to MAKE the choice can be challenging.

You may find yourself decluttering. Physical manifestations of clutter are typically a result of a cluttered mind, which prevents us from fully accessing our Higher Self. This can be, again, a mental, spiritual, or physical act of decluttering. This can look like deleting old emails, organizing drawers or closets, cleaning your room, dusting your home, or even just making to-do lists. This can also look like writing letters to people that you will never send them in order to let go of the past. Journaling and writing is an incredibly releasing activity to take part in, and to declutter spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. As we declutter, we release emotional wounds that keep us in the space of "repeating our insanity." New patterns and possibility will fill these spaces. It is certainly not easy to look at the dark corners of our mind and spaces, but clearing our physical space will help us to mentally make room for healing and newer energy. We cannot put newer energy into older spaces, so be patient with yourself as you rebuild.

There is solace in routine helping to declutter the mind, contrary to potential prior beliefs. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the free flow of life that we forget how much routine can help us. In turn, you're not struggling at night with thinking about the things that you needed to do. While settling into routine though, try not to get so caught up in too much of a rigid routine for yourself right now. It's okay if you decided to cut something out of your schedule for the day, or if you just weren't able to get to something. It's also okay if you didn't get anything done! This is where you have an opportunity for self-forgiveness, and being kind to yourself. If a daily routine is a bit difficult for you, maybe come up with some goals for the week or month ahead. These can even be as simple as keeping a gratitude journal, or journaling tough emotions, instead of holding onto them so that they come out in ways that are harder to cope with. Even scheduling a self-care routine is great; five minute morning breathing and/or meditation or a yoga practice X times a week. Either way, some type of routine will help you to make more space for new energy and clarity, and allow for grounding. Any process of decluttering will leave you feeling lighter, liberated, and tuned in.

On the other hand, with this decluttering, is important to note that your intuition may be directing you towards the work that needs to be done in your Shadow world. This may not be something that you need to do right now. The acknowledgement and awareness of this part of you is the first step, and that is huge.

Our Taurus Sun position is conjunct with Mercury at the moment. We have the opportunity to see what is not only broken within ourselves, but what is broken own a global and community level. What is not working for us as a society anymore? We are also struggling to let go of our expectations of our lives finding a return to normalcy, which will also hold us back. There is no normal, and there will be no returning back to what we knew, because that simply was not working for us anymore. Having the expectation that things will go back to exactly what they were, is preventing us from moving forward and building a more compassionate, more loving, more creative, and yet a more disciplined future.

We can take advantage of this Scorpio full moon to work on healing the sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra. The sacral chakra is just below the navel. The color of the sacral chakra is orange, so surround yourself with warm orange hues! You may find growth or difficulties within sensuality, sexuality, shame, guilt, relationships, friendships, money and finances, self-esteem, and codependency. This may come with sciatica, reproductive issues, pelvic pain, bladder or kidney issues, fibroids, or low back pain. Scorpio is ruled by the solar plexus chakra, which is just above the navel and is associated with yellow. You might experience some magnification of difficulty or improvement associated with strength, weakness, pleasure, control, power, energy, confidence, mental health, digestion, allergies, and fatigue. Here are some tools you can use during this full moon.

Crystals to utilize during this full moon:




-Tiger's eye


Essential oils to utilize during this full moon:




-(Sweet) orange


-Any other citrus oils

Who are you right now? Who will you be when you make your way back into the external world? What have you learned? What will you work through to make room for the newer upgrade of energy?

With Love,




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