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12/29/2020 Full Moon in Cancer: Making Way for the New *Final 2020 Full Moon!*

Cancer is ruled by the moon, so the moon will be functioning at its highest capacity right now. The moon exhibits highly feminine qualities, and therefore is very Yin and flowing in nature.

We are opening up to receive, as this final full moon of 2020 is all about receptivity and absorption.

Cancer is the sign of currency and finances. This energy, where the moon is in its home sign of Cancer, is allowing us to expand in resources and wealth. We are being encouraged to open up to receive abundance in various forms. The ruling element of Cancer is water, so we are harnessing emotional intelligence, energy of initiation, sensitivity, high emotions, sympathy, creativity, and imagination.

Cancer rules the fourth house which represents our family, home, ancestral roots, and our private life. During ritual for this full moon, you may find that this is a great time for connecting with your ancestors or expressing gratitude to them. It is also a wonderful time to be tending to your home life, making sure that you have everything that you need in order to feel emotionally safe and stable.

We may feel more in touch with our "gut," or our intuition right now. While we may be tuning into deeper emotional intelligence, we may also feel challenged with feeling overly sensitive, easily affected by words/events/"small things,"codependent, possessive, jealous, and critical. Be sure to be easy on yourself, let your emotions flow where you feel safe, be aware of your resources, and give yourself plenty of rest! The shift on 12/21/2020 is still integrating into our systems, and as we shift yet again during this full moon and into 2021, remind yourself that it is okay to take breaks!

You will find that your mind and heart are in conflict with one another. There are old emotions beneath the surface that are itching to be expressed and released from the body. These insecurities and anxieties regarding past events are no longer assisting us or protecting us, but are instead holding us back from what could be possible. These are nothing but seeds of doubt, love. What emotions can you allow yourself to experience and then release to be recycled into the Universe?

It is also recommended to avoid having stressful or ultra-confrontational conversations at this time. During times of high emotions, misinterpretation and miscommunication can easily occur. Instead, see what happens when you try redirecting this need for conversation to the Self in order to align the mind and the heart space.

This energy is extremely about "out with the old and in with the new." New opportunities, friendships, situations, and relationships lie ahead. This current energy forecast is helping us prepare for the abundance that lies ahead. We may feel inspiration and excitement in moving forward, but we could also be holding onto deep rooted subconscious beliefs that are primarily rooted in fear. If you are in a space where you are ready to receive abundance, then, by all means, open your arms up to receive! However, many of us do have some more underlying work to do, such as clearing out these old ideas that are blocking us from receiving abundance.

When we open up to receiving healing, we work old stories and patterning out from our bodily systems, psyche, and energy fields. This helps to create more room for abundance to prosper.

However, if our minds are closed off and we are holding onto old stories that are no longer helping us, we will be unable to receive abundance in the way that we would like to. As much as we want to move forward and are excited about doing so, if a paradigm shift has not occurred internally then we will not be attracting what we truly desire. Using "I release..." mantras will aid you in this process of rewiring the psyche. Sometimes, even having the idea of change in your mind can help you to break free of these old chains.

~ A f f e c t e d C h a k r a s ~

Solar plexus

Root chakra

~ C r y s t a l s ~

Moon stone





Black obsidian


~ H e r b s, t e a s, o i l s ~






Lemon balm


Irish moss/sea moss

Choose Love,

Ari @ Grounding Light





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