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12/12/2019 Gemini Full Moon ~ Transformation ~ First Full Moon Blog Post!

"When we are conscious, we have a choice. When we are unconscious, we have a habit."

Hello, loves!

I am so excited to be writing about this monumental full moon we are approaching. This full moon in Gemini is on December 12, 2019, at 12:12 AM EST. This is the last full moon before we enter the new year of 2020, an eclipse cycle, and the hectic holiday season.

We are entering into a very significant time of cultivation, transformation, metamorphosis, and regeneration. Over the course of our lifetimes and experiences, we have built certain constructs to protect ourselves that served us at one point in time. These responses are fear-based and anxiety-based. This can be considered quite ironic due to the fact that anxiety is a FUTURE-based worry, which can stem from a trauma or an event from our PAST. Perhaps we have acquired trauma responses to situations that don't necessarily yield these types of responses. We are not thinking consciously about how these past constructs are serving us in the present.

The most significant part of this process is the awareness of these constructs that we have built, or unhealthy habits that, yes, may have served us at one point or another. The next step is to come to the conclusion that we no longer need to hold onto something that no longer serves us. These two steps, in themselves, create the pathways to attracting healthier choices rather than holding onto destructive habits. In order to make space for something greater, we must let something go. You must make the active CHOICE to connect with your Higher Self.

2019 has consisted of extreme highs and lows for many of us, intense highs and intense lows. In order to find growth, we are being invited to make a choice: we can either dwell on our possible chances of failing and getting hurt in the process, or we can focus our energies on all of the events that could possibly go right, and align with what we really yearn for.

Around this full moon, we may come into contact of tough experiences that we "didn't ask for;" (using quotes, based on the assumption that we attract every situation for a higher purpose) yet we will learn how to surrender, release our limiting beliefs that prevent the energetic pathway for flow, and we will learn how to fully surrender and L E A N. I N.

This full moon shines light on our fallbacks, "flaws," mishaps, insecurities, and our situations that we may have been trying to turn the other cheek to. Maybe you are struggling with loving different aspects of who you are. The areas of our lives that are not in alignment with who we TRULY are, will now become illuminated and comes straight up to the surface. We will receive some kind of rude awakening and clear messages, and they will be very hard to ignore. Perhaps we are becoming aware of our life purpose, our unhealthy relationships with loved ones, our career path we may be unsatisfied with, our own destructive habits, or how our actions are affecting ourselves and others.

There is no longer much room for dealing with our issues later, New Year's Day, your birthday, after the holiday season, etc! Sweet ones, our time is

n o w.

There will be a strong presence of feminine energy and wisdom, which makes space for a great opportunity to learn how we can communicate more clearly with ourselves and the world around us. This presence offers neutral energy to assist us with the highs and the lows we will be experiencing. Our abilities to adapt and be flexible are being tested, whilst in the midst of this colorful storm of emotion and energy. We will find clarity on our purpose here, our growth, who we are, and we learn that it's time to act in alignment with our Highest Self. We learn that it is time to observe our actions, our thoughts, and our impulses. We will find ourselves feeling triggered by what might come up. We will learn to love ourselves through this process. We learn to ask ourselves, "Am I living in alignment with my TRUE self? Am I living in alignment with my purpose? Are my actions serving a higher purpose, or are my actions fulfilling the urges of the Ego?"

Do not forget to continue to love yourself WHEREVER. YOU. ARE. during whatever arises for you. Ask yourself how you can show up in the world, for yourself, for others, and for Mother Earth. Be kind to you. Take some warm baths. Find silence. Light some candles. Surround yourself by Love. Ask questions. Be your own foundation. Do less. Most importantly, surrender and listen.

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