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1/10/2020 Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ Growth ~ First Full Moon of 2020

Hello, lovely beings! This week has been ultimately difficult for me, as I have been a bit sick--yes, I said the "s" word, since it has already manifested 🤭, and I am done resisting. Funny, because this full moon has an energy of tuning into our own awareness of resistance. This post is a bit late, but alas, FULL MOON energy lasts for several days after, as well as before the night of the full moon.

The energy of this moon brings about an urge to change and shift our current situations, on personal and larger scales. We question whether our habitual dynamics and patterns are necessary as they once were. What is out of alignment with our Truth is coming to light, giving us an opportunity to grow on a deeper level. This happens to be occurring around the time of our new intentions, goals, and "resolutions" have been set to manifest...perfect, yeah? ✨

For the next six months, these changes will be taking place in your life. Through these changes, we may be surprised by some of our triggers stemming from the Ego. The Ego does not like change. Lower vibrations will tempt you back into lower patterns that will not serve you. But keep in mind that you have already chosen this path of clearing out the old and welcoming new patterns that serve you even more than you once thought your old patterns served you.

Heart chakra energy plays a huge part in our lives at this time. We may be inclined to create walls around out hearts as a result of our trauma, and we may be inclined to close ourselves off from love...

But what can you let go of...?

Right now, you are being given an opportunity to open yourself back up to the divine love that you are capable of giving and receiving. Emotions will rise and trauma may show its face--either remembering a painful memory, or even as a new situation that has arisen, which gives you an opportunity to handle it differently this time, even if that means shifting your perspective. You are a different person now with insight from those experiences that you never would have had without them; do. not. forget. that. You have newfound knowledge and wisdom that you were unaware of previously. You can do things differently this time, and integrate what you have learned when this pain comes back up. Find your grounding. Be here. Allow it to come up, and be present with you, and for YOU.

Opening the heart allows this LOVING energy to flow through the throat, into the third eye, and expand out through the crown. This will allow for more clarity and a healthier flow of energy!

Surrender your resistance, surround yourselves with love, reach out to one another, and allow the embodiment of your Truth to take over. Let it happen. As much as you may initially not want to...I invite you to Choose Love. ♥️



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