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Awaken Your Magic:
Embodied Reiki Experience 

Are you a wombyn with strong empathetic abilities that feels a deep calling to awaken your own self-healing power, help others in awakening and recognizing their self-healing abilities, feel aliveness in your body, and ignite the intuitive creativity of the womb space through movement, awareness, and connection?

Meet Your Facilitators

Ariana Khan

Ari’s current work is largely inspired by her strong ambition in assisting others in recognizing and owning their own power to self-heal. Receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with an Addiction studies concentration, a Philosophy minor, and her current certification in substance abuse counseling, she is currently adding to her academic landscape by receiving her master’s degree journey in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Leading with intuition and inner wisdom, Ari is an advocate for integrative wellness, so as a Karuna Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, breathwork and embodiment facilitator, and a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, she continues her studies in Tantric Ayurveda, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Transformational Life Coach trainings, Core Energetics (somatic modalities), trauma-informed mindfulness-based practices, breathwork, integration, psychedelic psychotherapy and indigenous plant medicines. Ari envisions a world where the whole person can be integrated into one’s own healing journey, leaving no fractal of their past experiences in the shadows.

The philosophies that Ari subscribes to are based in her personal experiences in life and the exploration of why and how we facilitate the lives that we do. She believes that by guiding one through the experience of the body and the intuition, we can discover new ways of BEing in this world that are no longer counterproductive to our own healing. When we eliminate habitual holding patterns in the body, we are opening up our vessels to receiving clear messages and divinely guided life force energy.


Emme Day

Emme facilitates healing through the modalities of energy medicine, spirit communication, sound frequencies, and divination, using her intuition to guide her as she holds sacred space for deep soul remembrances and divine transformation. As a Holy Fire III Reiki Master-Teacher, Evidential Medium, Sound Healer, Intuitive Astrologer, and certified Life Coach, she is extensively versed in studying human connection and highly trained in spiritual development. Emme is passionate about mysticism and applying it to the healing and integration processes of this human experience. She feels honored and aligned in her mission to guide and support others as they awaken their magic within – clearing your energy and balancing your chakras to connect you with your own innate healing ability; confirming your ancestors are still guiding and supporting you so you can find peace and radiate love; manipulating sound frequencies in order to support full relaxation of body, mind, and spirit; showing you the stars so you can remember your place among them and the great forces within you; coaching you to connect you with your life’s purpose and the desires of your spirit so you can envision and create the life you truly desire. 


Based on her own experiences with universal consciousness and energy, Emme felt the calling to step into this role of empowering others to explore their spiritual path to discover their fullest potential and confidently step into their power. She feels blessed to have co-created a container, Rhys + Rei, in which she offers her spiritual services with her best friend and soul sister, Courtney. Witnessing her clients connect with their highest selves, and facilitating a connection between the physical and spiritual realms, not only brings Emme great joy, but also deep fulfillment and spiritual growth. 

Click the link below to learn more about this one-of-a-kind offering at Anahata Intentional Community in Floyd, VA.

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