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New Beginning Sankalpa

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to take a look at my blog.

The word Sankalpa is Sanskrit for a resolve, or an intention. You may be familiar with being invited to hold an intention close to your heart or mind when you go to a yoga class. Maybe when you wake up everyday, you have a goal in mind, or maybe you set your own intentions.

I wanted to take a moment to set an intention that I have in mind with beginning my OUTWARD journey with Reiki and yoga.

My intention is to be present with you on your journey to healing. My intention is to hold space for you while you give permission for healing to take place. My intention is to do the work that I need to do for myself that I must maintain consistency with, and as a result I will be able to assist you more efficiently.

I look forward to healing alongside you, and helping you awaken your inner fire, dreams, passions, healing, and love. My heart is wide open and ready. Namaste.



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