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8/3/2020 Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius ~ A New Level of You & Breaking Cycles

Welcome to Leo season! Right now, the full moon presents herself in Aquarius. Aquarius is flighty, free, aloof, humanitarian, colder, collective-focused, and intellectual. Leo is fiery, passionate, strong, and sometimes ego-driven. Leo and Aquarius are both very different but exist as Yin and Yang. These opposing energies complement one another.

Your Higher Self is applying pressure on you; and trust me, you are ready. Your challenges, fears, anxieties, and inconveniences at the moment are perfect catalysts for ascension. These changes will show up everywhere in your life--your career, relationships, intimate partnerships, opportunities, health, education, and more. You will literally be watching old pigments of you literally fall off and die away.

These old reflections of you will present themselves as internal and external challenges. You could find yourself acting out behaviors or in situations that you thought were old to you, or maybe you find yourself being challenged to RE-LEARN a lesson you thought you had already integrated! The fluctuations of your emotions will create a rollercoaster-like feeling for you. You might experience overwhelming emotions and feelings during this time, and you will very likely crave a deeper sense of comfort and groundedness. You are not alone.

The resurgence of these old cycles, behaviors, patterns, thoughts, and situations creates a sense of urgency for us. We might feel the need to deal with this n o w. Yet all of a sudden, with these feelings of urgency and discomfort, we will find ourselves feeling courageous, brave, strong, and positive. I invite you to make the most of these magical moments and to take pieces from these moments into the dark with you. The pathways for these magical moments to occur more frequently and seamlessly will especially be paved after ensuring to show some love to your shadow.

We all have old patterns that can lie in the subtle and physical body for quite some time without our awareness of them. These patterns may manifest in different forms and may feel a bit difficult to gain control over. Now is the time to begin paying some mind to not only these old patterns, but also where they originated. If you have a safe space to do any ancestral healing, it is highly recommended. Generational trauma plays a large part in the opportunities, relationships, and situations that we attract in our lives...whether we realize it or not. We live in an era where we have more education and awareness on these topics, as well as the tools and resources needed to work toward healing this trauma to prevent it from being passed down again and again. This is not easy. You are not only going to facing your own pain, but also your parents/grandparents/great grandparents/etc.'s pain. However, you can do this. Even just having the awareness of this pain will jumpstart the process. You will shift the way you need to, whether you believe you can or not! You have done it before. Trust the process.

Break the cycle!!!

Break every harmful cycle that does not serve. You are capable. You are worthy! Break the harmful and limiting thought patterns that hold you back on a daily basis. The ones that you easily fall into where you convince yourself to be smaller. Don't let your racy mind suppress your consciousness any longer. Break out of your mind. Take the road less traveled, change things up, shake up your own reality. It's okay to get caught in your own patterns, as long as you learn what you need from them and how to bounce back healthily without bypassing your experience or emotions that arose along the way. Do something different. Do what makes you feel better after processing these experiences. Self-care is HUGE.

I invite you to live a more whole and heart-centered life. Live less from ego, and live out your life from your h e a r t.

Recommended crystals to use for cultivating love and induce calming, clarity, clearing, nurturing, and comforting energy: -Moonstone




-Tiger's eye

-Rose quartz

-Amphibole quartz Herbs, oils, and teas to detox, calm high energy, and enhance positivity: -Lavender


-Chamomile -Sage

-Dandelion With all of the love, Ari

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